Why Are Summer Electricity Prices Getting Higher?

Explore why Texas electricity rates have spiked this summer and learn practical tips to lower your electricity bill. Understand the impact of high evening demand, reliance on solar energy, and storage limitations on your electricity costs.

Jun 19, 2024


Commercial Energy Management with Energy Ogre

Energy Ogre's commercial energy management services are designed to help Texas businesses save on electricity costs. With expert rate selection, comprehensive account management, and personalized energy plans, nearly 3,900 businesses have already benefited from significant savings and efficient energy solutions. Discover how your business can reduce expenses and streamline energy management with Energy Ogre.

Jun 11, 2024


Energy Ogre Consumer Service Awards & Recognitions

The commitment to lowering the cost of electricity for Texans, while upholding excellent customer service, has led to Energy Ogre receiving many awards through the years.

May 21, 2024


ESID Lookup - What Is My ESID Number?

From understanding what an ESID number is and why it's crucial, to finding and using it, we've got you covered. Learn how to navigate the Texas electricity market with ease, discover where to locate your ESID on your bill, and explore how Energy Ogre can simplify your energy management.

May 20, 2024


Finding the Best Texas Energy Plans for Summer Electricity Needs

In this blog, we’ll discuss what electricity rates are going to look like in Summer 2024. We’ll also show you what Energy Ogre is doing to make sure our members are being put in the best Texas electricity plans available at this current time.

May 13, 2024


Why Your Long-Term Energy Plan Could Be Costing You

In this executive insight, Energy Ogre’s Chief Operating Officer David Kinchen examines why many people that signed up for a long-term electricity plan in 2022 need to take another look at their electricity plans.

Nov 11, 2023


Think Curbside for Your Electricity Plan

The smartest and most convenient way to shop electricity rates.

Apr 25, 2023


What's an Early Termination Fee (ETF)?

Some people interested in Energy Ogre are faced with a choice: Do I pay the early termination fee with my current provider now or wait until my contract expires? The good news is that we can help you decide!

Apr 1, 2022


How Do I Sign Up with Energy Ogre?

Chances are if you've been looking to save money on your electricity bills, you've heard of Energy Ogre. A friend, co-worker, or family member may have recommended u

Mar 7, 2022


Simple Tips to Immediately Lower Summer Electricity Bills

These Tips Can Help You Start Saving Immediately

Summer heat in Texas can be brutal, but your electricity bill doesn't have to make you sweat! Energy efficiency is necessary for your home so you can enjoy running your A/C unit, without paying ridiculously high electricity bills. Use these simple tips to lower your electricity bill. Save a nice chunk o' change on your electric bill with very little effort.

Feb 10, 2022


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Texas Electricity Bill Guide: How to Read & Calculate Your Energy Bill

We're giving you an in-depth, informative guide that teaches you how to read and understand your future electricity bills!

Oct 10, 2022