KWTX Waco Viewers Learn About Energy Ogre Benefits

Energy Ogre featured on KWTX Waco as one of the top ways to save in 2018! Thanks, ModMomTV for sharing our story!

ModMomTV's Natalie Reid stopped by KWTX Waco to share some of this year's best ways to save money. She featured Energy Ogre on her list, and for good reason. She explained to KWTX Waco, the main goal of deregulating the state's electricity market in 2002 was to make electricity cheaper for Texans. 

The energy transmission entities across the state, who remained regulated, became wholesale distributors. Therefore, allowing them to have a potentially limitless number of retail electricity providers (REPs). In short, opening the market to competition meant to offer consumers more choices and encourage providers to keep costs low in an effort to win more customers. 

That's how competitive retail markets work, right?  Unfortunately, that has not been true in this case for the deregulated electricity market in Texas. Years later, 90% of consumers are still overpaying for their electricity. Clearly, the majority of Texans are not reaping the rewards of deregulation as they should.

Here's the short answer...

First, shopping for electricity is extremely complicated—that's the short answer. Second, the flood of available plans and complex pricing structures make selecting the best plan for your household a challenge.

Hundreds of offers are on the market at any given time. What works well for your neighbor may be a terrible choice for you. We aren't even mentioning all of the gimmicky, "too-good-to-be-true" electricity plans.

These are hard to ignore, even though they often are too good to be true. Navigating this market is tricky and time-consuming. So, it's no wonder so many people aren't getting it right.

And here's the solution!

Fortunately, Energy Ogre has found the solution. As an electricity management company based in Houston, we use our proprietary technologies to analyze the market and match our members with the most competitive plan that fits their unique usage profile.

We take care of selecting and switching providers, enrolling you in the proper plan, and handling any issues that may arise. And when it's time to renew, we do it all over again.

In other words, Energy Ogre takes the hassle and guesswork out of shopping for electricity, so you'll never have to overpay again. As Reid says, think of Energy Ogre as your personal electricity concierge.

It's just $10 a month and our average savings are $800-2,000 each year. With no contract and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it really is a no-brainer! Thanks, Natalie and KWTX Waco!