KWTX Waco Features Energy Ogre: Keep an Eye on Your Plan

Shopping for electricity can be tricky. More often than not, consumers fall into gimmicky "traps" set by providers. When selecting an energy plan, paying attention to the contract details makes all the difference. The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) provides all of the plan details and helps you determine the most price-competitive all-in rate based on your specific usage. Energy Ogre COO Laura Thornquist visited KWTX Waco to share her insight on securing the best energy rate.  Laura states that there are an increasing amount of Texans that overpay for electricity each year. Consumers not taking the time to research exactly how much they will be paying per kilowatt-hour when selecting a new plan is the main problem. She also explained to KWTX Waco reporter Christy Soto the importance of re-evaluating your rate annually. That is the only way to ensure you are always enrolled in the most favorable plan.

Keep an Eye on Your Plan

"In the electricity business, loyalty doesn't necessarily pay. That's why you need to do a market analysis and a price check every single year to make sure you aren't falling into sub-optimal pricing." Thornquist said. "Often, the best prices are reserved for new customers, so if you stay with your electricity provider year after year after year, chances are your prices are going up, up and up." Especially for summer, be on the lookout for 'bait and switch' 3-month plans. These plans arrive just before the summer months with enticingly low rates. But, the consumer falls out of contract mid-summer when rates are at their highest with only longer-term contracts available.

Don't Have the Time?

The good news is that Energy Ogre handles all of that for you. We take over the hassle of vetting out all the gimmicks and unfavorable plans. So, you have more time to relax and enjoy your summer! Check out our free Savings Calculator to ensure you're not overpaying.