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What happens when the plan you selected for me comes to an end?

Energy Ogre takes care of the entire renewal process on your behalf so that you will never fall out of contract. We start searching for your next plan 30-45 days before your current contract ends, which gives us just enough time to select the right one and have you enrolled by the time it expires. You won't have to request or approve anything. If we need your help with something, like lifting a credit freeze or answering any questions regarding your account, we'll let you know via email. Otherwise, we'll have you automatically enrolled in a new contract without your having to lift a finger!

You also get email correspondence along the way to let you know where we are in the process.

What happens if I renew myself?

Oh, dear! Hopefully, you'd never waste your precious time or energy doing the job you pay us to do. However, if for some reason you do renew your contract on your own, you should contact us as soon as possible! Otherwise, we'll not know to stop working on finding and then enrolling you in your next plan.

Enrolling you in another plan, which we'll do on your behalf as our member, will break any renewal contract you've signed on your own. You will then be responsible for paying an early termination fee!

Why am I receiving renewal offers from my provider, doesn't Energy Ogre handle this?

Yes, we do! As our member, you should disregard all renewal notices and offers from electricity providers because we're already on the job of finding your next plan! After analyzing your usage and current market offerings, including custom offers exclusively available to Energy Ogre, we'll be enrolling you in the best available plan for you within 30 days of your current contract's expiration. 

Energy Ogre takes care of the entire process for you, contract after contract, year after year. We'll keep you in the loop with emails every step of the way, so keep an eye out for those. Otherwise, sit back and relax and leave the work to us! (That's what you're paying us for, right?)

Why can't Energy Ogre stop providers from sending a renewal notice?

According to the Public Utility Commission, electricity providers must send notice of a contract expiration at least 30 days or one billing cycle prior to the date of contract expiration, but no more than 60 days or two billing cycles in advance of contract expiration for a residential customer. 

Since you are their customer, they are required to send you this notification. We have no say in that process. This can be frustrating for our members since most providers also include renewal offers with these notifications. 

If it truly is a great offer, we have no problem working with any provider to process a renewal for you instead of a switch to a new provider. We are constantly on the lookout for great renewal rates and encourage REPs to work with us!

From our experience, many providers send these renewal notices 60 days in advance. Unfortunately, some go even 90 days out in hopes to bait you into renewing earlier than you really need to. 

In effect, getting you to renew eliminates your option of choosing another provider with a better price.

What we're doing behind the scenes

Our job includes:

1. Enrolling you in the best electricity plan based on how YOU use electricity. (Every contract, every time!)

2. Monitoring your bills to ensure the electricity provider has not tacked unnecessary or additional charges and fees.

3. Keeping track of what you are paying versus new rate programs coming into the marketplace. We alert you if there are better options.

4. Answering questions in regards to your electricity account, billing, or service needs.

5. Handling problems with electricity providers as they may arise.

We know the rules, statutes, and standards that electricity providers are expected to live up to, and we hold them accountable on your behalf, including filing complaints if necessary.

Things we consider when looking for your next plan:

 Rate plans that will maximize your savings throughout the year.

Exclusive custom plans or below-market renewal offers procured specifically for your home.

Contract terms that will keep or place you in a good renewal cycle.

When does Energy Ogre start looking for my next plan?

We start searching for a new plan 30-45 days before your contract ends
 so that we'll have the right one selected and have you enrolled once it does. 

About 60 days prior, we also start making sure your account is ready for a new enrollment. We'll ask about credit freezes, for example, as well as checking for any payment holds or errors.

You'll receive email correspondence along the way to let you know where we are at in the process. We may even have some questions or need a little help from you, so please keep an eye out for those!

You can contact us Monday - Friday between 8 am and 5 pm by calling (832) 975-1000 or email us anytime at

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