Best Apps for Homeowners - Save Time & Money!

Americans love their smartphones - that's for sure. Did you know that we pick up our phones, on average, over 40 times a day? We also use about 9 apps in a 24 hour period. So why not make the best of our little obsession with these devices?

You may have an app you access for your fitness goals, social media to chat with friends, and apps for discounts to your favorite stores. But if you're a homeowner, there's a treasure trove of awesome resources you might be missing on your smartphone! We rounded up the best apps for homeowners, that can help you save more money, free up more time, and get you better organized.

  • Energy Cost Calculator (iOS, Free)

    This super-duper basic and easy app will calculate your energy cost and usage per day, week, month, and year for each appliance in your home or piece of machinery in your business. It will also let you know your average carbon emissions per year.

  • Everyday Energy Tips (iOS, 99¢)

    While energy calculators provide valuable figures regarding your energy usage around the house, knowing what to do with this information in order to make savings is even more important. This basic informational iOS app costs $0.99 and comes with a user-friendly interface and simple search functions. Find specific and practical ideas for lowering your home's energy costs from suggestions given on the app, including finding leaks, sealing windows, and adding insulation.

  • Water Use Calculator (iOS, Free)

    The National Ground Water Association created this app. It lets you know just how much water you're using in your home when you water the lawn, take showers, wash laundry, and more. You'll also get water conservation tips as a bonus, to help you save on your water bill!

  • EnergySaver: (Android, iOS, $9.99)

    This sweet little app gives you energy-usage reports for your natural gas, water, and electricity. You can create different profiles for each season, too. If you're planning to upgrade your appliances, the app will let you know the potential impact on your bill. Plus, you'll get tons of great tips for decreasing your utility bills.

  • Billminder (Android, iOS, Free)

    Billminder is the app for the truly organized homeowner! Log your recurring bills, and it will remind you to pay so you can avoid late fees. It also helps you save money and improve your credit score. It's a money-saving, great reminder tool that every homeowner can use.

  • HomeSavvy (Android, iOS, Free)

    Home maintenance can get pretty chaotic. HomeSavvy is like your little home assistant, although it can't hold a hammer for you. Set alerts to help you keep on track. You'll be reminded about changing the smoke alarm batteries, fertilizing the lawn, chlorinating the pool, and more with DIY tips and tricks.

  • iScape (Android, iOS, $9.99)

    This digital landscape designer is super easy to use. Snap a pic of your yard, then virtually add shrubs, trees, and more via the app. You'll be able to see just how awesome your yard can look before you begin construction on that new water fountain, birdhouse, or swimming pool.

  • NextDoor (Android, iOS, Free)

    Neighborhoods unite! NextDoor is an app focused on neighborhood recommendations, local events, buying and selling household items, and more. You can even find out which neighbor will let you borrow that cup of sugar you need on the app. City Services participate in the app, so you'll also be connected with the community.

  • BrightNest (Android, iOS, Free)

    Taking great care of your home means keeping it tidy, too. BrightNest helps you accomplish simple cleaning and maintenance tasks by giving you easy-to-follow instructions. It will also set a schedule and alert you when you are falling behind on upkeep.

  • Home Budget (Android, iOS, Windows, Free)

    Staying within a budget is crucial for most homeowners. This money tracking app keeps tabs on your expenses. Plugin your income and expenses, and you'll get great budgeting tips. You can also upload photos of receipts and bills, and it even offers budget rollover for those extra thrifty months!

  • Houzz (Android, iOS, Free)

    Looking to revamp and jazz up your home? The Houzz app is a highly rated interior and exterior design helper! Join the community of enthusiasts and search 60,000 photos for inspiration. Plus, you can create your perfect space virtually and save it, then get professional help if you want it.

  • My Home (Android, iOS, Free)

    It's better to be safe than sorry, right? This app is a great resource to keep in your back pocket in case of theft, destructive weather, fires, and more tragedy. Just take pictures of your home and your possessions. Place barcodes on items and sort them. Then, keep updating your items in case you have to file an insurance claim.

  • Centriq (Android, iOS, Free)

    Do you know where all of your appliance manuals are? Neither do we, because as soon as it's unboxed, those get tossed! Centriq is a great app that gives you appliances warranties and manuals, info about replacement parts, how-to videos for fixing them and even product recalls.

  • HomeZada (Android, iOS, Free-$59.99/year)

    HomeZada tracks daily tasks for homeowners. This includes everything from mortgage and property taxes to changing your A/C filter and renovation deadlines. It also tracks your spending on home projects so you can compare costs and save the most.

  • (Android, iOS, Free)

    Most home security systems made in the last few years automatically come with an app. However, if you have a system you love that doesn't have its own app, get the Alarm app! You can connect your existing home security system to this free app and remotely protect your home, lock and unlock doors, watch live feeds, and more The next time you reach for your smartphone, open one of these best apps for homeowners.

    You'll be rockin' and rollin' with a more efficiently run home, stay on track with your tasks and keep on budget. Do you have recommendations for the best apps for homeowners that you use regularly? Let us know below in the comments!