Your Electricity Bill Shouldn’t Need a Hail Mary

Save on Electricity While Helping Scholarship Fund

Vince Young dissected defenses during his legendary career, and now he’s helping Texans cut through the confusion of finding the right electricity plan!

Texans will get that winning feeling, using Energy Ogre to get the best electricity rate in their area. Even better, they’ll be supporting Vince’s foundation, Brothers In Arms, to provide diversity scholarships to local high school students.

By using the promo code VINCE, you’ll get a free month of our service. Plus, Energy Ogre will donate a portion of the membership fee to Brothers In Arms on your behalf. It’s a win-win!

See What You Could Save

Our interactive savings calculator estimates what you could pay for your electricity over the next year, based on your current usage, compares it to what you are paying right now, and gives you an estimate of what you could save.

The Ogre

Don’t just take my word for it…

I signed up for Energy Ogre and they easily cut my power bill in half. They were quick to respond to my questions and made moving to a new energy provider extraordinarily easy. I can't say enough good things about them.

Best decision I have made in a long time - I saved $100 this month alone :)

I am saving $200+ A MONTH on electricity bills. This is an amazing service. Worth it to sign up. I highly recommend it... Way to go Energy Ogre.

Just got my first bill from Energy Ogre an it was 72.52. Nearly fell out of my chair. My bill this same time last year was 213.00. Thank you Energy Ogre.

These people are Fantastic! ... I am saving over 50% off my home electric bill and about 30%+ off my business electric bill.

Bobby W.

Houston, TX

Mary Freemon

Fort Worth, TX

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Houston, TX

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Mesquite, TX

Tom P.

Fresno, TX