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KDFW Dallas
by Steve Noviello

[Energy Ogre] concentrates on cutting your electric cost by understanding your use and pairing you with the perfect plan, to find that sweet spot where your consumption and the provider's cost create the biggest bargain.

KPRC 2 Houston
by Derrick Shore

Selecting a Texas electricity plan can be confusing with so many options and so much electricity jargon. That’s why it helps to have Energy Ogre be your electricity advocate.

Telemundo 39 Dallas
by Zully Salgado

¿Cómo puedes ahorrar en tu factura de electricidad? Maria Estrada de Energy Ogre ofreció sus consejos.

ABC 13 Houston
by Rosie Nguyen

The natural gas market shot up heading into Summer 2022. Energy Ogre explains how that impacts electricity rates and offers some options to help with savings.

FOX 26 Houston
by Isiah Carey

A major factor in saving on your electricity bill is making your home more energy efficient. Energy Ogre’s Jesson Bradshaw offered a few tips.

KTRK Houston
by Nick Natario

The majority of Texans did not see thousand-dollar electricity bills after the February 2021 storm. However, every Texan should know these tips to make sure they are not overpaying for power.

KPRC Houston
by Amy Davis

Winter Storm Uri left millions of Texans without power and caused many Texans to pay electric bills that exceeded $4,000. In the storm's aftermath, Energy Ogre encourages you to capitalize on the competitive market, allowing us to find you the cheapest plan in your area.

KHOU Houston
by Lauren Talarico

Cut your electric bills in half! It sounds to good to be true? But Lauren Talarico confirms Energy Ogre is real and shows how the company helps people save.

WFAA Dallas
by Laura Thornquist

We've been paying for electricity all wrong. Instead of finding the lowest rate for the longest time, we should routinely be making changes.

KPRC Houston
by Amy Davis

Power to Choose can sometimes make even the smartest consumer feel pretty powerless. Energy Ogre can do comparisons the average consumer cannot, factoring how much electricity you use and when, and comparing hundreds of plans to find the one that gives you the best price.


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