Energy Ogre Gives Back

Over 2.5 million people around the world suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, a disease with no known cure.

Linda Harris, Multiple Sclerosis sufferer

Photo credit Houston Chronicle

Linda Harris used to be a strong and independent woman who enjoyed an active lifestyle, till she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and lost the ability to walk. MS is a debilitating disease that eats away the lining of the nerves, which leads to a wide range of symptoms. This makes it very difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to treat.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is a charity dedicated to ending MS. They do this by organizing charity bike rides, and the BP MS 150 is their number one fundraising event. This annual ride from Houston to Austin raises the largest fraction of their annual donations, and many of our ogres are training to ride this year!

Here's How You Can Help!

Donate to the National MS Society

Team Energy Ogre is attempting to raise $10,000 towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's ambitious goal of $16 million. We would love for you to help them achieve this goal! Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to fund an organization dedicated to making Multiple Sclerosis a thing of the past.

Tell your friends about Energy Ogre

In addition to riding for the cure in the MS 150 bike ride, Energy Ogre is giving back with our plans! For a limited time, when you sign up for our annual membership using the promo code MS150, we will donate $10 $20 to the National MS Society in your name!

And as a BONUS, we'll also take $10 off your total membership cost. Tell a friend about Energy Ogre so they can sign up now!

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