How Do I Sign Up with Energy Ogre?

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I signed up, so what do I do now?

So You've Decided to Join Energy Ogre. What's Next?

Chances are, if you've been looking to save money on your electricity bills, you've heard of Energy Ogre. A friend, co-worker, or family member may have recommended us. 

Perhaps you saw a post online. You may have even tried our free savings calculator to see how much you could save.  

If so, you know that joining Team Ogre has major benefits. All that's left to do now is sign up!  

The process, which we've outlined below, is simple and easy. Within just a few minutes, you can become an Energy Ogre member and be well on your way to significant savings, both in time and money. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Once you click the Sign-Up tab at the top right corner of our website, you'll be directed to the Member Information page, where you'll enter general information, such as your name, email address, and service address. 

You'll also be asked to read and agree to the Energy Ogre Terms of Use, which essentially allows us to do things like: request your historical usage, enroll you with electricity providers, and work on your behalf. 

You'll then be taken to the Member Preferences page, where you will be able to provide us general information about your electricity service, such as your provider's name, your contract end date, and the date you'd like to switch.

If you are moving to a new location, you can select the date that you'd like for us to get your electricity connected. You can also set your billing and payment preferences, let us know if you'd like to enroll in 100% renewable energy plans, and let us know if there are any providers you'd prefer not to work with.

Sign Up

Billing and Identity Page

Next, you'll be directed to the 'Billing and Identity' page, where you'll be asked to provide some personal information, such as your date of birth and social security number. Since payment for electricity is made after the service is provided, most electricity providers run a soft credit check before starting service. 

This allows them to validate your identity and review your utility payment history, determining if they will require a security deposit.

To run a soft credit check, they require:

-full legal name

-social security number

-date of birth

Keep in mind we do not and will not share your information with anyone other than the providers we enroll you with. 

Our service is $120 annually, and we provide an option to pay $10/month. After you select your subscription, enter your payment information, and add your virtual signature, you will click the 'Finish' tab.

Congrats, you've just joined Team Ogre. You will now be redirected to the Welcome page, where you'll see the following information.

1. Confirmation of service address

2. Receipt/confirmation of subscription charge with amount and card info

3. A prompt to create an Energy Ogre member account—the place where you can upload your bill and provide your move-in details

Move-ins and Switches

Our members are put into one of two categories: move-ins and switches. The first designation implies that you are moving into a new home, and you'd like us to shop for your first plan. The second designation implies that you stay at your current residence, but you'd like us to switch you into a better plan with a new provider.

Both types of members must share information about their homes and state if they are under a credit freeze. However, the next steps are different. 

The move-ins have to confirm the date they want electricity to start, and the switches have to give us a past bill or their login information with their current provider.

Once we receive your bill and home details, now it's time to sit back and let the Ogres do the heavy lifting. Our team of analysts reviews your information and requests your historical usage. 

Smart Meter Texas (SMT)

Each meter company in the state is unique. However, it usually takes 48-72 hours to receive your usage data. We'll also request access to your usage information from Smart Meter Texas, which allows us to monitor your usage on an ongoing basis. 

You'll receive an email from us asking to confirm your authorization of our access to your SMT data. You must grant us access each year to manage your account properly.

Our team of Ogres then creates a demand profile for our move-ins. Energy Ogre's proprietary technology analyzes key features of the property, along with weather forecasts and historical usage data from similar homes in the area, to generate a predictive electricity demand profile for that home over the next twelve months,

As for our members who are switching providers, they receive a similar yet different demand profile. We factor in the last 12 months of their usage, weather conditions, and all other factors to predict how much electricity you'll use in the next year.

We then review every available rate on the market and consider all its various elements to calculate the costs accurately. Our analysts then create a personalized bill forecast. We're then able to select the offer that saves you the most money and meets all of your preferences. You'll even receive a projection of your future bills with the new plan we've selected for you.

If you're NOT in a contract with your current provider, we'll enroll you with a new provider automatically within the appropriate time frame. Keep in mind; you have 14 days before your contract end date to switch to a new provider without having to pay an early termination fee or penalty. 

What If I'm in a Contract?

If your current contract with your provider exceeds 45 days, or if you're enrolled in a plan with average billing, we can help! We will scan through thousands of rates, select the most favorable plan, and send you a detailed analysis calculating the financial benefit of leaving your contract early. 

However, we don't make the final decision for you, nor do we pay your early termination fee (ETF). Additionally, we are often unable to determine your ETF -- contact your provider in this case.

You'll Have Two Options

  1. Approve or reject the analysis with the click of a button
  2. Snooze your account until we find a better rate

If you approve, we'll enroll you in that plan -- and you begin saving immediately. You also don't need to call your former provider to cancel your contract...we will do that for you because hey, that's our job.

If you decide that the savings are not enough at this time to break your current contract, we can stay on the job for you. In this case, we will rerun the analysis as the market offers change, or we will 'snooze' your account until you are closer to your contract end date. 

Members can sign up and immediately "Snooze" their account to ensure we select and enroll them into their next plan when the timing is right!

If you decide to approve the analysis, we'll start enrolling you in the new plan and sending you an email confirming the details. 

Bill analysis approval will finish the enrollment process, possibly prompting an early termination fee (ETF). Energy Ogre is not responsible for paying your ETF, nor can we always determine what that amount will be.

How Energy Ogre Works

These Things Will Slow Down Onboarding Process

  1. Credit freeze: Some customers choose to freeze their credit for several reasons, making it so the providers cannot run a soft credit check. So if your credit line is frozen, please ask your credit bureau to unfreeze it so we can move forward with your enrollment.
  2. Failure to provide a bill: Before we can complete your onboarding, we must first receive a recent bill from your provider. You can send the bill to us in a variety of ways:
  3. Signing up as the wrong member type: During the sign-up process, members must choose between two options -- a "switch" or a "move-in." It's important to select the appropriate option because they prompt different responses on our end. 
  4. Poor utility payment: If a new member has had past issues paying utility bills on time, new providers may require a deposit before enrolling them. This will create new, necessary steps for us to find you a great plan. But don't sweat it, we'll still be able to save you money and time!
  5. Unresponsiveness: To become a member requires a few responses either via phone or email. We can easily and efficiently enroll you as long as we hear back from you. However, if new members are unresponsive, we're unable to move forward with your account.

You're Officially a Member. Now What?

Once your enrollment is completed, you'll receive an enrollment confirmation from Energy Ogre and your new provider confirming your contract start date and rate information. We'll also set up your online account with your new provider so we can verify the contract and manage your preferences.

You won't have to lift a finger. You don't even need to contact your provider to let them know that you've switched -- you'll automatically receive a final bill from your former provider soon.

Next, you will receive your first bill from your new provider within 30-45 days of your contract start date.

Worried About Renewal? Don't Sweat It!

The most convenient part is that we will be doing this for you as soon as this first plan expires and for every plan after that! And you won't ever have to do a thing!  

Well, we may need your help from time to time for a small question or two, but otherwise, our Ogre experts will be doing everything automatically on your behalf from here on out. Keep in mind that we also act as your member service.

If you have any questions or concerns with your billing, provider, or need to update your account, we're happy to take care of it all. And when your plan is expiring, we'll handle the entire renewal process on your behalf so that you'll never have to worry about falling out of a contract.

We start searching for your next plan around 30-45 days before your current contract ends, which gives us just enough time to select the most favorable rate and have you enrolled before your plan expires.

That's it — it's really THAT easy.

With Energy Ogre, everything electricity-related becomes simple and transparent. No gimmicks, no hassle, no worries. We take care of the process from beginning to end and back it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We hope that we were able to shed more light on what happens after you become an ogre. Do you have additional questions about our service? Give us a call, send us an email, or you can always leave them in our comments section. 

Our team of energy experts is always happy to answer your questions and help you to get started. And as always, "Be cool, stay kind, and do great things!"

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