Energy Ogre: A Business Beyond a Bottom Line

In this blog, we will explain how Energy Ogre is motivated to fulfill our mission. In doing so, we are equally motivated to help our community partners succeed in the good they are doing for Texans.

Businesses and How They Operate

Energy Ogre, among brands like TOMS and Warby Parker, has a deeper mission that is equally important to monetizing our service. Like the aforementioned companies, we too are driven by an important mission born from a confusing electricity marketplace. 

However, the customer-centered business model some companies follow has not always existed. Here's a complex thought...what is a business? That might seem to be an obvious, rhetorical question, but I want you to genuinely consider its premise. 

A business is more than a logo, an office, and a staff. Throughout civilization, one could understand business as an entity that exchanges a product or service for another product, service, or money. That definition of business is still relevant today.

Nearly all enterprises strive to provide that product or service in the most cost-efficient way. There's an obvious correlation tied to that sacred cost-efficient exchange—lowering the operating or product cost increases profit margins, enriching the business and its owner.

Low-cost operation is essential and is the sole focus of most businesses today. Except in the recent past, companies like Energy Ogre have incorporated another dimension to their day-to-day operations--a mission. These companies challenge the status quo, redefine what it means to be a "successful" business, and focus on the best interest of their employees and members.

Driven by Our Mission

Since its inception, Energy Ogre has focused on making the world a better place, especially our native state of Texas. This commitment is exemplified by our partnerships with Folds of Honor and Make-A-Wish® North Texas, among other organizations, and in addition to other charitable donations to various community entities. 

Each day, we help Texans save time, money, and energy by removing the hassle of shopping for a cheap electricity plan. Recently, we've implemented a new phrase that embodies our mission: "Be cool, stay kind, and do great things—It's the Ogre way."

Energy Ogre CEO Jesson Bradshaw Discusses Company's Purpose

Jesson Bradshaw has served as CEO since the company was founded six years ago. With decades worth of experience in the electricity industry, he was adamant about creating a customer-centered service that would save members money on their electric bills each month.

Years ago, we recognized consumers struggled to discern good information from bad information when shopping for electricity," Jesson says. "Consequently, they didn't know what to believe or what to do with the information they were given. Thus, Energy Ogre was founded to reduce our members' monthly electricity costs, allowing them to allocate savings to other expenses.

Beginning in 2014, Energy Ogre's team of industry experts and developers revolutionized the electricity marketplace in Texas. As a company, we provide pertinent information and relevant resources to empower our members and the community to make the right decision when choosing electricity plans in Texas. 

Once a shopper enrolls with Energy Ogre, they enjoy the freedom and convenience of our service with a satisfaction guarantee . Like ogres, they've made their last electricity decision and will never overpay for power again. 

The time and monetary savings aren't the only benefits our members enjoy. They can also expect to experience our amazing customer service .

We Care About Our Members and Their Electricity Savings

Typically, businesses based on a mission are committed to serving their members/customers and typically attribute their success to their founding principle, whatever it may have been. That principle, which reflects the positive intentions of the company, serves as a guideline for operation. 

Energy Ogre is a great example of this—a new, innovative business succeeding and growing because of its service-oriented mission. We've disrupted the electricity industry by $243 million by serving more than 130,000 homes in the deregulated areas of Texas. 

Inc. 5,000 named us as the 240th fastest growing company in America in 2019. According to their research, Energy Ogre grew 1,763 percent in the last three years. 

This growth is exciting for many reasons, but primarily because it demonstrates the value we deliver to each member. Our business is growing exponentially because our mission has been actualized.

People now recognize we're helping thousands of Texans each month, saving them money on each electricity bill. Our fiduciary relationship with our members motivates us to continue our work each and every day. Ready to take the first step?! Learn more here.

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