Ogres wanted!

The deregulation of electricity in Texas has brought over 2000 electricity rate offers to residential customers from over a 135 different providers, and the extra competition has lead the electric providers to get more and more creative with their contract terms. The average consumer just doesn't have the time or the wherewithal to find the right plan for themselves.

We've built a technological solution to this problem. Our systems find the rate program that makes the most sense for you, based on how much electricity you use, and when. It's something large commercial and industrial consumers have been doing for decades, but it's never been cost effective for anyone to do it for residential customers before. Until now.

Let's face it, shopping for electricity is about as exciting as a mayonnaise sandwich on stale whole wheat bread, and we're on a mission to ogre-haul how it is done. While we love our bots, it's the ogres that make the magic happen. We've got a great team of hard working, friendly people who actually enjoy coming to work. And we'd love for you to join us!

Location: Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX

Posted On: 01/17/2017

We are looking for a member care specialist to join our team of Ogres in Houston! Energy Ogre has the best members, and providing them with a high level of service to each and every one of them is our number one priority. We love speaking with our members on the phone and via chat, social media and email, and the level of our service has earned us an A rating with the BBB. The Member Care team is responsible for educating Texans about our service, advocating for them, and taking ownership of their concerns from start to finish. You will play a crucial role in taking our service to the next level and in growing a solution that helps thousands of Texans every day.

Our team comprises of good natured people who enjoy coming to work every day, with a work-hard/play-hard attitude. We have a pragmatic approach to customer service: we're building a service to help people, and helpful services don't make people wait on hold.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, we want to hear from you.

What you'll bring

  • A good attitude, a sense of humor and the desire to learn
  • An appetite for speaking with and helping people
  • A desire to take something that's always been done a certain way and make it simpler
  • A sense of ownership when working on a task
  • Familiarity with the retail electricity business
  • Experience working in a support role, preferably at a call center

What we'll bring

  • A team that will not only value your input but welcome it
  • A fun work environment
  • An ergonomic workspace with comfortable chairs
  • A free gym and a kitchen stocked with free coffee, sodas, snacks and meals
  • Medical and dental health benefits and other insurance coverage

What we'll do together

  • Build a brand with a focus on service that helps tens of thousands of people