We’ve got you covered!

Energy Ogre is actively working with MP2 to set up your autopay. No need to worry! MP2 has confirmed that no late fees will be assessed or disconnection notices will be sent during this time.

The only thing that Energy Ogre needs you to do is to reset your MP2 Energy password so that you can update your MP2 Energy login information for us in the Energy Ogre Connect member portal.

Step 1:

• Go to https://signup.mp2energy.com/login.

• Click on “Forgot Password” to complete the reset process.

Step 2:

• Go to Energy Ogre Connect.

• Click on “Manage Login Information” (orange button)

• Enter your new MP2 Energy password and save.

We’ll take it from there!

Here are some more details:

  1. Your original provider, Green Energy Exchange, was purchased by MP2 Energy.
  2. Effective April 30th, your contract automatically transferred to MP2 Energy. But rest assured, MP2 will honor the same low rate we had placed you in with Green Energy Exchange until the contract end date.
  3. You will not be charged an early termination fee on your final bill from Green Energy Exchange; you will only be billed for your service with them prior to the transition.
  4. As an Energy Ogre member, you can rest assured that we are always monitoring the market and ensuring that you are in the best available rate for your home. When your current contract is set to expire, we will be looking for the lowest fixed-rate available for your next contract and will keep you updated on our progress.
  5. We will continue to keep you updated on any changes that may affect your account. We also encourage you to login to our member portal, Energy Ogre Connect, to monitor your account and to make any changes to your payment methods or preferences, as needed.