Energy Ogre Helps With More Than Electricity

Energy Ogre Helps

Energy Ogre was founded on the idea of helping people reap the benefits of the competitive market. Overwhelming choices, complex pricing, and gimmicky plans make shopping for electricity challenging. As a result, way too many Texans needlessly overpay. Combining our 20+ years of industry knowledge and expertise, we found a way to help people save money on their electricity bills. We believe that all consumers deserve an ally in the energy industry. Most importantly, an ally that provides an unbiased, uncomplicated way to navigate the market. Ensuring consumers always get a fair deal on the right plan for their home. That's Energy Ogre. Every week, members from across Texas send us heartwarming calls and emails. Most, sharing their personal experience and letting us know what they were able to do with their savings. For example, how they were able to pay for a family vacation, save for their wedding, buy a new pair of shoes, or even just have a little extra cash each month. Though electricity is just one of many household bills, those savings can have a meaningful impact on a family's budget.   

Expanding the Mission

As our company has grown, we've built on our core value of helping Texans. Now, we have expanded our efforts beyond just electricity needs by partnering with various non-profit organizations and educational programs throughout the state to help raise funds and awareness for their efforts, including, Make-A-Wish North Texas, Folds of Honor, and Kidz1stFund Encouraging Energy Ogre employees to engage in the community. Providing opportunities for them to volunteer for local organizations, donate blood, and decorate cards for veterans among many other projects. Soon, we will be launching a brand new platform where all Ogres, employees and members alike, can work together to make Texas a brighter state. If you're searching for a community with meaning, look no further! Our platform will not only highlight opportunities to serve but will also recognize people making a positive impact. We all know someone who is a beacon of light in the community, and we want to help shine a spotlight on those that are going above and beyond. And, we want your help identifying these special people! Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

It's the Ogre Way

Every episode of our podcast Say Watt?! ends with a simple reminder, "Be Cool, Stay Kind, And Do Great Things. It's the Ogre Way."  This sentiment means a lot to our entire family here at Energy Ogre. It's really our guiding principle.  

"Selflessness is a sincere concern for the well being of others. It's about love. It's about compassion. It's about kindness and faith. It's about making a difference in the world. Sure, you are only one, but you are one. You cannot do everything, but you can do something." - Angel Chernoff

At some point, all of us have faced feelings of uselessness in some form. The feeling that we can't do enough to really impact the poverty, crime, and disasters in the world. However, it is possible for us to translate our compassion into action. With small but meaningful acts of kindness, we can positively influence our community and the people around us. Which makes small things, great things. When we focus our minds on kindness, embracing an empathetic view of the world around us is easy. And, seeing opportunities to make an impact in someone else's life becomes a part of our daily lives. Each of us has unique gifts and talents. All we have to do is put them to good use and share them with those around us!   Leave us a comment about how you have made a difference in your own community. We'd love to hear your stories!

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